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Words of thought

You should listen before you speak,

observe before you greet,

some would say life’s unique,

others think it’s sweet,

it’s a lot of lies murder and scandal that lye beneath,

living in a world where cops lawyers and judges make more than a person does to teach,

we’re living in an injustice like Rosa parks when she refused to take a seat,

since we came from the ground I want to be pure like a leaf,

it might be hard times right now but I’m covered like a sleeve,

I hold my head high when I greave,

if it’s one thing everybody has is a choice,

like who would jump into cold water and if they could get out stay in and freeze,

life’s a good movie it’s all about how you think and what you believe,

change is coming if you will just open your eyes you’ll see,

faith of a mustard seed,

the smallest seed,

and yet grows to be one of the largest trees,

they say Christopher Columbus discovered America how when the Indians where here first before they infected then with disease and went on a murder spree,

look at the life around you drugs murder and violence plus war could start at anytime so how are you really free,

not trying to teach,

nor am I trying to preach,

I just hope that one day I can leave my legacy,


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