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My outlook on today’s world

The world’s a mess,

as if my life isn’t already filled with enough misery and stress,

everyone wants to talk, love. I don’t know how much is left,

between war and hatred over the color of your flesh,

every day, I struggle to be the best,for me not trying to impress the rest,

my goal is to be the best man father and to leave a legacy before my last breath,

I hear a voice that keeps saying, “Try me, I’ll keep you from death,

God, I’m knocking on the door, and I’m asking when will I be blessed,

then I hear your voice in my ear saying if you’re calm and humble, you will pass this test,

3 responses to “My outlook on today’s world”

  1. The world might be a mess but your constant striving to be a better version of yourself is what matters and is a laudable goal indeed! Well said, dear!

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