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My happy place

My happy place,

Where people all over the world could unite no matter their race,

A place where women and kids don’t go missing without a trace,

Pain and life are tied together like a shoe lace,

My happy place,

Would be somewhere anywhere. I’m surrounded by God’s grace,

If hurt was food, then lord knows I’ve had my taste,

My happy place,

Would be between here and out of space,

Somewhere, I could find myself and my talents and bring them out for the world to see like a showcase,

Anger will get you nowhere but dead or in a cage,

Lost and in a daze,

People are so caught up in being famous that they’ll sell their souls that’s a big price to pay,

Or either they’re chasing the next crave,

Me I just want to live life to the fullest and leave a legacy before my final day,

To know that in life and in death, I made a difference in my happy place,

4 responses to “My happy place”

  1. You have some very explosive lines in this piece. I especially appreciate the line about leaving a legacy.
    My daughter & I recently spoke about this as she reminded me that what I’ve been doing by simply living my life. There was a time I was so afraid that at my funeral, people would only remember & talk about the mishaps in my 20’s. She made me realize, I will be remembered for so much more like my meals & bringing people together, along with the memories I’ve created & traditions I’ve passed down through generations. Continue to walk tall my dear. Thanks for sharing your talents.


    1. Thanks for appreciating me and my talents I really appreciate it


    2. That’s crazy cause that’s why I wrote it I have some of those same fears myself


    3. Please if you can check out my podcasts and I hope you enjoy them if you do follow me I’m on Anchor and Spotify


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