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Life isn’t what it seems

Life isn’t what it seems,

Like, have we really come so far from the message of Dr. Martin Luther King,

I have a dream,

At least not from what I can see,

Unless you’re watching a different screen,

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you’re good for the team,

Life can be heavy life, a beam,

Or have you flowing downstream,

Just like you can be sure that hot water causes steam,

Realize this as well. Everything in life isn’t going to be how it seems,


14 responses to “Life isn’t what it seems”

  1. That’s entirely true. Life throws you curveballs to catch.

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    1. Thanks I really appreciate it

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  2. Good post and I enjoy your poetry – now flow with meaning

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    1. Thanks I appreciate it but what do you mean now flow with meaning I thought I was doing that

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      1. Typo !!
        I meant you have NICE flow with a lot of meaning

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        1. Oh thanks very much I absolutely appreciate that

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            1. I think I’m following you

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              1. I am going to follow your blog too


  3. I admire your honest-from-the heart poetry and rhymin’ style, Jay!

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    1. Wow thank you I really appreciate you


  4. Very true. It is sad what we do to one another. Material things ( the ones necessary to survive are a blessing indeed from God ), but getting things we want in life at the expense of others is just not ever going to be ok. Have a blessed weekend. God’s blessing on you my friend.

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    1. Thank you so much and God bless you as well


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