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The world through my eyes,

The world through my eyes,

Has so much destruction and lies,

Was the Trump Era the new beginning or the start of our demise,

A word where hatred and abuse are like airplanes cause look how they fly,

Between politics and the rise in inflation, it’s getting harder to live,

I can’t blame people if they feel like why try,

Life moving faster than you can blink your eye,

So stop sitting back and letting life pass you by,

For a life full of pain can be hard and boring like watching paint dry,

I want to be the man who pursues his dreams and his goals until he makes it,

To be a better man and a better father also a better child of God,

You know what?

I’m already becoming that guy,


6 responses to “The world through my eyes,”

  1. Very powerful & surely resonates regarding life struggles during these times.
    Congrats on your growth in your spiritual journey. Thanks for sharing❣️


    1. Thank you I really appreciate that make sure you check out my podcasts the links are in my posts


      1. You’re welcome, happy to support.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks again and let me know how I can do the same beautiful


          1. Aww, I appreciate you. Many blessings my friend.


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