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God’s with you

8 responses to “God’s with you”

  1. Your voice is very easy to listen to. I learned something today. I always thought a podcast was a visual (like a video). Looks like I have more research to do before starting my own, lol. Great message by the way and God bless!

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    1. Thanks so much please follow me


    2. Just letting you know I won’t be posting from here anymore I’ll be posting from wordsofwisdomandinspiration I have new posts there follow me there and if you can let the others know


      1. Be sure to come back & visitšŸ„°

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        1. Oh I’m still posting on WordPress just on the pro side so yall can see it and it can show on my website follow me there wordsofwisdomandinspiration my accounts are supposed to be linked


        2. As a matter of fact I have new posts on there are new posts go check them out


  2. God bless that podcast. It was great.

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    1. Thanks again follow me and share with whoever you think can use it


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