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You walk with me

You walk with me,

I know at times that can be hard to see,

With all the trials and tribulations which are made to help you,

Turn From who you are to who he wants you to be,

God’s love and mercy will never flee,

To know that your there with me thru whatever storms comes my way in life,

Fills my heart with glee,

You are awesome and worthy to be praised,

Just one thought of you can make me drop to my knees,

Cause I know whatever I go thru your there,

Two sets of footprints in the sand,

I know you may feel alone but God is holding your hand,

And letting you know when you thought you were alone I was there,

In your time of despair,

God I know your with me wherever I go and thru whatever I go thru so in you I will not fear,

Wherever life takes me cause God I know you walk with me,


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