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  • To the woman who made me a better me.
    To the woman who made me a better me, You loved and sheltered me, Like the soil does a seed, Forgive me for my mistakes I know I’ve hurt you like insects and weeds, You were my sunshine, The way you shined your light on me, Makes me want to succeed, You’re my loving flower, And I’m the soil the light and the nutrients you need, So don’t you see, That without each other we can never be, That beautiful flower or that tall tree, […]
  • The three objects I couldn’t live without are.
  • I look to the sky
    I look to the sky, Life ain’t going to be perfect you have to take your ups with your downs, Life a rollercoaster and do your best to enjoy the ride, I know I’m not perfect thank God you look at the heart, Cause even when my actions don’t show it, In my heart I try, I look to you and put my own thoughts and feelings to the side, For when I’m in your hands I know I’m fine, Nothing impossible for you-and you […]
  • Why not love
    Why not love, We’ve tried hate, Look at the message it illustrates, Instead of anger, Why can’t we try to communicate, Between war violence racism and anger I’m wondering where is the love, That’s what I want to investigate, Love peace and unity is something I wish I could negotiate, To make a better life if not for us, At least for the kids sake, We need a change come up, And get up from where we are, And rise like a cake, Learn how […]
  • Five things I do for fun
  • My connect to stripe in case anyone wants to support
  • What makes a good leader?
    What makes a good leader?
  • What have I learned in my life about love?
  • Where can I reduce clutter in my life?
  • You walk with me
    You walk with me, I know at times that can be hard to see, With all the trials and tribulations which are made to help you, Turn From who you are to who he wants you to be, God’s love and mercy will never flee, To know that your there with me thru whatever storms comes my way in life, Fills my heart with glee, You are awesome and worthy to be praised, Just one thought of you can make me drop to my knees, […]
  • To my baby I never knew
    To my baby I never knew, Why your life was cut short I have no clue, I guess God had a better plan for you, Tho I never met you the pain of losing you, Has me sick like the flu, When I think of all you could have been I’m sad and blue, Tho I never saw you your stuck in my thoughts like paper to glue, From the time you where conceived to the time your life came to a sudden end, My […]
  • My latest podcast on peace
  • Hello everyone I would like to invite you to listen to my podcast.
  • My latest podcast on grace
  • What is my mission?
    What is your mission? My mission is to be the best man, father and child of God that he called me to be and to help and reach as many people as I can.
  • This is a episode on grief and how to get through any kind of grief or pain you may be feeling.
  • What is the most valuable gift you can give? Why?
  • What do I spend more time thinking about the future or the past? Why?
  • When I’m most happy is.
    When I’m most happy is
  • The last thing I did for fun was.
    The last thing I did for fun was.
  • This is a video message to help bring attention to my website and podcast
  • My latest podcast on patience
    This is my latest podcast on patience
  • My top five grocery store items are.
    My top five grocery store items are.
  • This is a episode on faith and it’s definition and a message to help you live in faith and walk in faith
    This is a episode on faith and it’s definition and a message to help you live in faith and walk in faith
  • This is a direct link to my business PayPal if anyone wants to support my website or my podcast
  • Blowing in the wind
    Blowing in the wind
  • Is my life what I pictured it a year ago
    Is my life what I pictured it a year ago?
  • Worry
    My newest podcast on worry
  • Do I ever see wild animals?
    Do I ever see would animals?
  • A message to my babies
    A message to my babies
  • My top three pet peeves are
    My top three pet peeves are
  • What’s going on with the world today
  • My family’s top three meals are?
    My family’s top three meals are?
  • The books I’m reading now are?
  • My favorite subject in school
    My favorite subject in school
  • Everyone check out the links to my podcast
    Hey everyone I’m writing to ask you to click the links to my podcast and tell me what you think thank you
  • What will my life be like in three years
    What will your life be like in three years? My life in three years is to be a better man person child and son of God. To live life to it’s true potential and have my website and podcast going also to have completed and have my personal trainer certification, and be living and showing people how to live better, not just with my writing and my podcast but with the knowledge I gain from my certification
  • The year I would relive is
    Is there an age or year of your life you would re-live? The year I would relive is the 90’s
  • My new podcast past present future
  • Behind the scenes
    Behind the scenes
  • There’s a light at the end of the road
    There’s a light at the end of the road,
  • Look through my eyes
    Look through my eyes
  • The details in my life that I could pay more attention to
    What details in my life that I can pay more attention to
  • My favorite artists are
    My favorite artists are
  • What would I attempt if I was guaranteed not to fail
  • A little about me and why I’m doing these podcast
  • Power of change
  • Just letting everyone know
    I’m just trying to let everyone know that I won’t be posting from here anymore I’ll be posting from wordsofwisdomandinspiration I have new posts and podcasts there follow me there thanks
  • God’s with you
  • Where I am in life
    Where I am in life, I’m not married no I don’t have a wife, All I have is my daughter and some words of insight, Will I live long or Will I die tonight, Everyday is a constant fight, I just hold my head to the sky and say everything going to be alright, So many goals and accomplishments on my mind, Even what will I leave behind, How will those I love see me when I’m dead, Or will I get ahead, These are […]
  • I hope yall check out my podcasts and I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you God bless.
    I’ll be posting a new episode on Anchor tonight check it out thanks again and God bless all of you.
  • The post on my page with the link to Anchor and Spotify are my podcasts click the link and tell me what yall think if you like follow me.
    The post walking in my blessing, let God be the driver and you be the passenger, and also where you are isn’t where you have to be are my podcasts click the links and tell me what you think thanks for supporting me
  • My favorite word
    What’s your favorite word? My favorite word would have to be one we all need right now and that’s peace.
  • My evening
    What are you doing this evening? What in doing this evening is work on my website and podcasts also spend time with my daughter and work on becoming a better me
  • Let God be the driver and you be the passenger
  • The world through my eyes,
    The world through my eyes, Has so much destruction and lies, Was the Trump Era the new beginning or the start of our demise, A word where hatred and abuse are like airplanes cause look how they fly, Between politics and the rise in inflation it’s getting harder to live, I can’t blame people if they feel like why try, Life moving faster than you can blink your eye, So stop sitting back and letting life pass you by, For a life full of pain […]
  • Walking in my blessing
  • Life isn’t what it seems
    Life isn’t what it seems, Like have we really come so far from the message of Dr Martin Luther King, I have a dream, At least not from what I can see, Unless you’re watching a different screen, Just because your good at something doesn’t mean you’re good for the team, Life can be heavy life a beam, Or have you flowing down stream, Just like you can be sure that hot water causes steam, Realize this as well everything in life isn’t going to […]
  • Where I am isn’t where I have to be
  • The writings on the wall
    The writings on the wall, In life we bounce in and out of happiness like a ball, Or it can have you hurt like a love one who walked out of your life without a text or call, They say it’s better to have loved than to have never loved at all, At times life can be unclear like early morning fog, Or it can leave you backed up like a sink that’s clogged, The writings on the wall, We all stumble so don’t fear […]
  • My happy place
    My happy place, Where people all over the world could unite no matter their race, A place where women and kids don’t go missing without a trace, Pain and life are tied together like a shoe lace, My happy place, Would be somewhere anywhere I’m surrounded by God’s grace, If hurt was food then lord knows I’ve had my taste, My happy place, Would be between here and out of space, Somewhere I could find myself and my talents and bring them out for the […]
  • The one I longed for
    That’s what you are, With a timeless beauty like a star, You came into my life and healed my heart like a scab does a scar, You’re beautiful I’m sorry sometimes I can’t help but stare, An image of perfection from your face to your feet even how your body compliments the clothes you wear, You’re like fine wine cause you get better every year, I use to think true love was just a dream until you walked into my life and showed me the […]
  • To truly find yourself
    To truly find yourself, That doesn’t protein to weed alcohol and wealth, To truly find yourself you have to look beyond the flesh, I know at times it may be hard and you feel like life’s a mess, To truly find yourself, Is the relief to all you stress, It’s not about being fresh, To truly find yourself, Is the true meaning of success, I’m going to work on me so I’m signing off deuces, And God bless,
  • Condolences
    My condolences on such an untimely loss, Lord knows I wish this news could be false, But in any event you’ve went on to somewhere else, Word’s can’t describe what you meant to us, All the fun times and all the things we discussed, But we know that your in a better place where fake love hurt and pain don’t exist, We’ll miss you as much if not more than you’ll miss us, But we’ll see you again and for that in God we trust,
  • Walk towards your blessing
  • Beautiful dream
    I had a dream last night of a woman so beautiful she froze time, Her beauty was manifested in a spectacular pose, She couldn’t be compared to money cause lord knows she was fine, Far from a dime, This woman’s beauty was top of the line, She had me drunk like expensive wine, Who would have knew, That this woman was true, I didn’t have a clue, That the woman I dreamed about was you
  • When God leads you
    When God leads you you never know the direction he going to lead you just don’t be surprised if the direction ain’t the direction you where thinking cause his ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. Whatever direction he leads you take it and run with cause God doesn’t do nothing by accident the platform is the exact way he’s leading you.
  • Life’s ocean
    Life’s ocean, Some days are all love like a potion, Some are smooth like lotion, Everyday a different emotion, A life full of stress and so much commotion, Sometimes I wonder how we function, We standing still while life moving by like the water in the ocean, You can stay still and drown or you can flow with the motion, We evolved from cave men so we’ve always been seeking salvation, If there’s nothing new under the sun then I guess we’re going back to […]
  • The changes we make
    We all make changes once your small than you sprout like a tree, Like the seasons and how the leaves turn from brown to green, Change is everywhere see some days are calm others are rough like the sea, Like how we were once slaves and now we’re free, At least free from the things you can’t see, Like who am I and who do I want to be, trials and tribulations come to make us strong, To change you from who you are, To […]
  • Seeing your dreams unfolding
  • The life we’re in
    The life we’re in, Has changed so much from the way it began, Once dinosaurs ruled and now man, We no longer have sticks now we got guns in our hands, A life full of drugs prescription weed and cocaine, We’re living life like the Superbowl like it’s one big game, We no longer want to strive for success, Everyone chasing fame, It’s not a problem to look ahead but sometimes you have to reflect on where you came, Cause what we go thru puts […]
  • Love over the rainbow
    Have you ever had a love that makes you glow, And like a plant is it water or love that helps us grow, Picture love as the colors in the rainbow, Bright bold and beautiful so like water create a different flow, See yourself as the bow, And your mind as the arrow, Love can make you feel high like a mountain, Then turn around and make you feel like you looking down a gun barrel, I guess love and pain go together like Christmas […]
  • Nose dive
    Nose dive, We’ve all cried, Suicide, I’ve tried, See what I had to realize is not my battle not my time, Even the sun knows when to shine, And through the hurt and pain I’m fine, Look at the world we’re going thru inflation and especially crime, Trouble don’t last always it only last if you let it like grime, Life is like a buried treasure I have to find, They say you have to start from the bottom to get to the top but […]
  • To know self
    To know self, Is to love yourself, No matter your wealth, Through the hard times and through the stress, Cause sometimes when your stressed, That’s when your at your best, Stand tall and stick out you chest, And see the inner man that’s what I do, There a couple of things in life that’s true, Life is a open investigation and we’re all looking for a clue, But most importantly you have to love you in everything you do, Like the sky, It’s your life […]
  • When you realize your walking in your destiny
    When you see and feel your living and doing what God called you to do there’s no better feeling and words can’t describe. Y’all support my website growing into success and my podcast on anchor I know the quality probably could be better but I’m just starting work with me
  • Life’s surprise
    Life’s surprise, Everyday there’s another homicide, So many people lost and contemplating suicide, Trouble is hard to get out but easy to find, Life’s a hustle you have to stay on your grind, Life’s surprise, Is shown everytime you see the sunrise, When will the world come together and open their eyes, And see we live in a world full of drugs murder sex and a whole lot of lies, We have to get it together before life’s final surprise, And that’s the fact that […]
  • True success
    True success isn’t wealth is finding out what your dream is and living it.
  • (no title)
  • We talking about black lives matter movement
    We talking black lives matter movement, So tell me why it’s blacks that we’re shooting, Then we want to blame life government and slavery for our confusion, We’re fighting a war and we’re losing, Are we really living life or like a joy ride are we just cruising, Look how many gave their lives and still there’s not much of an improvement, To come together as one race one nation the would be out biggest achievement,
  • Life in the eyes of a poet
    Life hurts, And pain is where the devil works, Better get yourself together before you see the hearse, If your already at the bottom what could be worst, Change isn’t hard it’s the fact that you have to make a choice, Like you live for today, And pray for tomorrow, Don’t you know your time is borrowed, Stay away from me with the b.s life has enough sorrow, As I say goodbye to James damn I miss my father, We might narriate the story but […]
  • Lost in the world alone
    Lost in the world alone, Miscommunication in the house even over the phone, Like a dog I’m searching for my bone, When you where a child you waited for things to be shown, Your childhood was a lesson for you now that your grown, Everyone wants to be grown, But how many of us actually have there own, Life’s hard you have to work for what you want nothing edged in stone, It’s not like we have a clone, What good is a plane that’s […]
  • Life ain’t fair
    Life’s a challenge like a dare, So many thoughts in my mind I can’t see clear, I got to face my fear’s, Stand up to my adversities and climb those stairs, To success life’s a hard lesson learned but, Life ain’t fair, You only get one there’s no pair, People can be worrisome like the lint in your hair, Motivation is the key so like a car time to get it in gear, I’m getting older not younger plus it’s about to be a new […]
  • Why do we live
    Why do we live, To be told how much we get paid, Or when to give, Or to struggle to survive, Why do we live, Everyone you have to strive, Just to stay alive, When it’s kids dying before the age of five, I guess the answer to the question is also the question of this poem, Why do we live, Can someone give me a answer cause I’m lost, If you can someone why do we live,
  • Finding me
    Finding me, Physically I’m here but mentally where could I be, I’ve been thru my trial and tribulations but I still stand tall like a tree, I’m a slave to my own mind and thoughts of poverty and minimum wage and they call this the land of the free, Finding me, At times I wish the pain would flee, But I know it’s here to make me a better me, Until that day I’m going to keep exploring myself until the day when I can […]
  • Trying to make it from the ground to the sky while I’m still alive
  • Trying to make my site something everyone will love as much as I do
  • Come check out my site I’m trying to inspire and uplift and hopefully yall like it enough maybe I can get paid from it
  • Mr. misunderstood
    I’m Mr. Misunderstood, Of why people are so rude, And why my past seems to stick to me like glue, Like why are we still segregated why can’t we come together like a screw, There’s a lot of talking going on but very little is true, Life is becoming a lie and it has you wondering where’s the truth, To move forward in life is easier to say than to do, I’m misunderstood, Of why people take a good thing and destroys it like a […]
  • My address to America
    The corona virus has come in and effected the nation, people scared to speak and no more hands shaking, America stand up we can beat this, How we let one person bring our country to it’s knees, American people I know you’re with me cause trump may be in office but the popular vote went to Hilary, He’s going to have an hell of an obituary, As the worst president in history, Why do bad things happen it’s a mystery, You get back what you […]
  • Peace
    Peace can be used as hello or a state of being, In the world today there’s a lot of grieving, When will we stop looking at what another has, And be happy with the air we’re breathing, True peace is from above as shown in his teaching, All this hate and violence look who it’s reaching, Our youth, Who can look at the world and say they like what they’re seeing, It might not be the life you want but everyday your eyes open you’re […]
  • My Angel the left to soon
    To my Angel the left to soon, Even in the dark you would shine bright like the moon, You’re spirit and personality would lighten the room, It’s no wonder God swept you away from here like a stroke of a broom, You where a Angel here on earth so you haven’t really left us you’ve just returned to your rightful place, Why could forget your smile and your beautiful face, You will always be remembered as my Angel that left to soon,
  • Life’s lessons
    Life’s lessons, Are thought to each and every individual it’s not narrowed to any one person, It doesn’t matter your age or occupation, You pray and it seems like it’s not working, Just keep praying, and waiting on your blessing, Life’s lessons, Are easy to come, But hard to learn, but you better or you might get burned, It’s not all about what you have, It’s about you earned, So see life for what it is another day, Another lesson learned,
  • Inside man
    This is to everyone who hears that voice one inside of them in the inner man, To envy is wrong but if any he’s my biggest fan, There are times with you might feel like giving up but don’t there’s a bigger plan, Follow the footprints in the sand, Everyone has opinions who cares as long as I know I’m the man, We are all from the same DNA some are just cut from a different strand, I’m speaking to myself and all who feel […]
  • To truly find yourself
    To truly find yourself, That doesn’t pertain to weed alcohol and wealth, To truly find yourself you have to look beyond the flesh, I know at times it may be hard and you may feel like a mess, To truly find yourself, Is the relief of your stress It’s not about being fresh, To truly find yourself is the true meaning of success, I’m going to work on me so I’m signing off dueces, And God bless,
  • Tears of a lonely man
    Even tho I’m surrounded by friends and family outside I laugh and smile inside I’m shedding tears, Trying to make my problems disappear, With weed and beers, Life is a lot of things but it sure ain’t clear, If life was school what would be your grade, And what you don’t know can send you too the grave, The saying is the good the proud and the brave, Not the good the proud and afraid, I’m going to jump in a plane, Look down on […]
  • More about me
    I’m 38 I’ve been writing for years now I’m just now trying to get it all out there. I really love writing and I hope y’all love it too just as much as I do,I hope my words can uplift or inspire you.
  • Uneasily broken
    Uneasily broken, like a rope dipped in fluid I’m soaking, I try to keep my head to the sky hoping, for better days and trying to cope, listen to the words that have been spoken, I know better days are to come so I’m reaching, even tho at times it seems like I’m dreaming, I know pain is put here to make us strong, and life can sometimes bring you down but thru it all, I remain uneasily broken,
  • Truth is
    Truth is I’m lost, life’s it’s own brawl, we all fall, but look not at where you stumble, just press on and be humble, for if we keep our heads high we’ll get through the struggle, I guess you can say life’s like a puzzle, your never know the true picture until you pick up the pieces, I can tell you a little about myself like a thesis, or have we evolved from different species, from walking half naked to wearing jeans, from hunting your […]
  • While I wait
    If u don’t know me, don’t judge me, not in slavery, but I’m trying to be free from all this animosity, this worlds coming to an end look at the economy, got my head to the stars like astrology, if this the land of the free, then why is there so much hatred and envy, we need to find a better source of energy, if we’re trying to leave a legacy, for the kids especially, to survive means more than financially, open your eyes when […]
  • What does it mean to love
    What does it mean to love, to love is to give all you have, what does it mean to love, to love is to strive, what does it mean to love, to love is to sacrifice, what does it mean to love, to love is to give your life, what does it mean to love, someone who you plan to spend the rest of your life, not just one night, what does it mean to love, it means I’m your man and one day I’m […]
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