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Special love

Special love,

with a heavenly body that was sent from above,

pussy wetter than the ocean floor,if love is pain well my sex is the cure,

I’m like coccaine in the 80’s 100 percent pure,

special love sex is emaculant when I’m breaking your back and shit,

my dick and your pussy like a puzzle piece,

cause it’s the perfect fit,

pussy like pliers and damn you have a grip,

special love well that’s your tittle as we lay and have sex for hours,

leave you like you just got out the shower,

go down like dinner and devouerrer,

have you singing like you in a choir

, you might break glass like Mariah after 45 minutes cause what she said she retired

, if she was a good worker when she comes back I might rehire,

if not what Donald Trump say your fired,

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