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While I wait

If u don’t know me,

don’t judge me,

not in slavery,

but I’m trying to be free from all this animosity,

this worlds coming to an end look at the economy,

got my head to the stars like astrology,

if this the land of the free,

then why is there so much hatred and envy,

we need to find a better source of energy,

if we’re trying to leave a legacy,

for the kids especially,

to survive means more than financially,

open your eyes when will you see, that your consciences can sign your life away like a plee,

the older I get the more I grow like a tree,

I know things happen occasionally,

but don’t give up change is in you if you believe you’ll see,

we all fall like trees,

but in the wrong season,

Keep your head high cause it’s your season,

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