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Love over the rainbow

Have you ever had a love that makes you glow,

And like a plant is it water or love that helps us grow,

Picture love as the colors in the rainbow,

Bright bold and beautiful so like water create a different flow,

See yourself as the bow,

And your mind as the arrow,

Love can make you feel high like a mountain,

Then turn around and make you feel like you looking down a gun barrel,

I guess love and pain go together like Christmas carols,

What makes love is it what you do or is it time spent together,

Or is it all the above,

Love is strong like a drug,

You have your highs and you have your lows,

Time moving fast love moving slow,

Everyday your eyes open another show,

They say the grass ain’t greener on the other side,

I hope that’s not true,

And I find the love I’ve been missing on the out other side of the rainbow,

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