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My favorite word

What’s your favorite word?

My favorite word would have to be one we all need right now and that’s peace.

5 responses to “My favorite word”

  1. Agape – everything else will fall into place if we could just practice and utilize this word to all!! God Bless, Jay!!


    1. Thanks very true comment God bless you as well

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    2. I would love it if you would follow my podcasts jay’s love on Anchor and Spotify there are links on my page if you like follow me thanks

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      1. Jay, please don’t take offense, but as a Pastor myself, with many obligations, I find it hard to find time for videos and lengthy podcasts. Doesn’t mean I won’t listen from time to time as TIME does permit, but those things take a lot of time away from my studies and teaching. Again, I will from time to time, but probably not consistently. Just trying to be honest. That’s also why you don’t find videos except music now and then on my website and rarely on my Social Media group. We ALL do what God through His Holy Spirit equips us to do with our time and energies. You keep DOING what God has called you to do and don’t let the enemy (any enemy of the soul) discourage you from doing what God has placed in your heart to do!! By the way I pray for ALL online ministries I follow, so you are on that list!! 👍💗🕊🙏


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