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Where I am in life

Where I am in life,

I’m not married, no I don’t have a wife,

All I have is my daughter and some words of insight,

Will I live long, or will I die tonight,

Every day is a constant fight,

I just hold my head to the sky and say everything is going to be alright,

There are so many goals and accomplishments on my mind,

Even what will I leave behind,

How will those I love see me when I’m dead,

Or will I get ahead,

These are the things I dread,

Not becoming all I know I can be,

And not being all God called me to be,

Are the thoughts that are in my head,


8 responses to “Where I am in life”

  1. Don’t xworry, you do your best. I can tell.

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    1. That’s what’s up thanks I really appreciate it but how can you tell


      1. You think you are not doing enough. People who ask themselves that question tend to do more than enough. That’s why I can tell.


    1. Oh I got what you where saying but how can you tell


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